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Branded Video Solutions

We work with companies of all sizes to create video-centric integrated marketing campaigns that precisely match a brand’s goals with consumer interest across every major vertical. From video advertising to original video content; our video products inform, entertain, and engage viewers in ways that positively affect a brand's image, and influence purchasing decisions.
Broad reach

We've partnered with hundreds of major brands to create some of the most compelling and sought-after video content on web. This content is viewed tens of millions of times each month through a proprietary distribution network that reaches audiences in every corner of the market… from the largest web portals, to many hundreds of general and special interest web properties.

Deep engagement

While our audiences number in the millions, each viewer is seeking answers... How is it done? Who can help? What should I know? What do I need to purchase? We match these viewers with uniquely relevant video content to ensure they get the answers they need. Our original video products provide brands with new ways to participate in the conversation, and supplies consumers with answers in a way that only video can. The result is higher levels of engagement, greater brand recall and higher purchase intent rates.

Video advertising

We understand the needs of brands and their agencies to deliver results through effective and efficient delivery of their video campaigns. We offer premium in-stream inventory on professionally produced brand-safe content with targeted reach to give your brand what it needs to make connections with consumers and meet its campaign goals.

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