Relish is a web app that allows recipe publishers to add features like saved recipes, menu planning, scalable shopping lists and shoppable recipes integrated through multiple grocery delivery and pickup services, including Kroger, Amazon Fresh, Walmart, Instacart, Albertsons-Safeway, Shipt, Target, and more.


Search for tried-and-true recipes from favorite sites and explore new sources of inspiration.


Save recipes, create shopping lists, and swap out ingredients according to personal tastes and needs.


Plan a weekly menu across the best sites and scale recipes up or down to suit the number of mouths being fed.


Send shopping list directly to local grocery retailers for delivery or in-store pickup.

Technology + Food Authority = Relish Secret Sauce

Uniquely combines artificial
& human intelligence

Achieves highest quality of proprietary ingredient mapping and rapid incorporation of new recipes.

Powered by a team of experts with decades of experience building the Top 10 digital food brands.

Seamless User Experience with
Smart Recipes & user profiles

Aggregated Shoppable recipes from top food sites facilitate meal planning and same-day grocery shopping.

User profiles allow users to save recipes and access the Relish shopping list and its features on any site in the Relish Network.

Uniquely combines artificial
& human intelligence

World-class and closely followed editors and contributors create best-in-industry, award-winning content.

Combining Relish Technology with loyal and engaged audiences creates increased ad engagements and conversion.

Relish Grocery Partners

Relish Capabilities

Select and Consolidate Multiple Recipes
Sign Up to Save Shopping List
Optional Ingredients on Recipe
Substitution Ingredients on Recipe
Select Products to Add to Cart from Shopping List
Swap Products in Shopping List
Add any Item to Shopping List
Print Shopping List
Shopping List

Recommend/YMAN on Recipe Page
Recommend/YMAN on Shopping List
Default Brand in List
Branded Product on Recipe Page
Featured Product on Shopping List
Branded Ingredient in Shopping List
First Position on Shopping List/Cart on Retailer’s Site
100% SoV on Recipe Page
100% SoV on Shopping List
Smart Module – Allows Feature of Retailers

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