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At Fexy, we know that our dedicated audience comes back to us over and over because we have awesome content. Our specialty is seamlessly integrating brands into the great user experiences we create across our sites and apps every day, with custom content and creative executions proven to drive awareness, purchase intent and brand lift.

Digital Shopper Marketing

Customer Inspiration

With the ability to scale shopping lists, save recipes, and plan menus, getting meals on the table just got a whole lot simpler.

Purchase Intent

Relish puts brands at the intersection of meal planning and online grocery purchase by allowing users to add ingredients directly to grocer’s shopping carts.

Brand Integration

Digital shopper marketing that carries the brand from the point of inspiration through the shopping list and into the shopping cart.

Immediate Fulfillment

Relish provides ultimate convenience with rapid home delivery, pick-up, or a smart shopping list to take to the store.

Brands Integrated In Path To Purchase

Shoppable recipes with branded ingredient or product placement

Consumers browsing recipes have the option to shop for all of the recipe ingredients right from the recipe page, including a branded ingredient or integration for ingredient and non-ingredient brands.

Delivery Platform

Consumers are presented with grocery fulfillment options available in their geographic area.

First to market shoppable smart
recipe widget

A fully-shoppable custom run-of-site unit

When “shop ingredients” CTA is clicked, unit will expand to display the full ingredients list

Widget can feature editorial recipes, or a brand’s own recipes

Be A Part Of The Storyline

Custom Content Development
Sponsored Custom Articles & Recipes
Custom Adapted Brand Recipe Integration
Seasonal / Holiday / Feature Sponsorships & Integrations
Custom Video Production & Integration
Access To Culinary Influencers
Dynamic Social Programs
Ownership Of Various Content Channels

Video Pre-roll
Dedicated Newsletters
CTV Channel Sponsorships
Targeted Display / Content Adjacency
Custom Multi-platform Rich Media Executions
Homepage/Site Takeover
E-commerce Placements
Programmatic / PMP
Live Events


Case Studies

Case Study : Relish MilkPep 2019

Case Study : Relish MilkPep 2019

Representing America’s milk brands, MilkPEP is dedicated to educating consumers about milk’s nutritional benefits and promoting healthy lifestyles by drinking real dairy milk.

Grocery Retailers

Delivering content and solutions that allow for complete path to purchase integration so you can focus on what you do best, selling products.

Content: Connect your site with content from Fexy’s brands and other publishers through shoppable recipe technology that uses NLP and AI to enable one click ingredient list transfers with customizable on-site recipe experiences. Then we go beyond AI to fine tune our products with a team of actual humans to make sure the customer experience is perfect.

Shoppable Content: Make your own content shoppable.

Connection: Connect with new audiences by geo targeting your brand to the community you serve on tens of thousands of recipe pages online, at the point of inspiration and need.

Advertise: Our API allows custom brand integrations through branded ingredients enabling retailers to feature the brands products when the shopping list is passed through connecting inspiration to the point of purchase to serve their sponsoring brands.

Discovery: Surface your most socially relevant products with our proprietary technology.


Delivering technology and content that helps grow your brand and community. You focus on content, Fexy provides the technology that allows you to grow.

Features: Sign up to join the Relish Network to make your recipes shoppable, add scalable shopping lists and meal planning to supplement your existing content collection.

Discovery: Surface your most socially relevant content with our proprietary technology.

Please get in touch with us with any questions or ideas. We are always on the lookout for great partners.

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