Toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer and more are easier to find and shop for now – plus, plan weekly menus and shopping lists to fully optimize the trip to the store.

Seattle, WA – April 3, 2020 – Relish, owned by Fexy, is a free web tool that makes online meal planning and grocery shopping quick and easy for more than 100 million monthly users, and today, they launched the Relish Stock Checker, a tool that helps pinpoint the hardest-to-find grocery staples at nearby stores. With the new Relish Stock Checker, customers can enter their zip code and check stock on 50 of the hardest-to-find items from toilet paper to paper towels to diapers at nearby Target and Walmart stores before heading out the door.

Since COVID-19 related shutdowns and stay-home orders began to make their way across the nation and the world, consumers have significantly changed the way they shop and eat. According to a recent study by Adobe Analytics, grocery retailers have seen a 100% increase in daily online sales*. Research by Relish shows that nearly half of all consumers are considering online grocery shopping in the next 30 days compared to only 12% who said yes just two weeks ago**. And stores are having a challenging time keeping up – with stock AND with the volume of online orders.

Since the increase in demand, it’s been challenging to use online grocery ordering to book grocery delivery or pickup, leaving some consumers out of luck – and out of their homes to head to the store for themselves. To make matters worse, panicked shoppers are stockpiling the most common items, so it’s hard to know if stores are going to have essential household staples available. Shoppers are bouncing from store to store to find the things they need which increases the risk of coming in contact with the novel coronavirus.

“The goal of the Relish Stock Checker is to ease a pain point for shoppers, allowing them to efficiently build a meal plan and organized shopping list and then head to the store with added confidence that the hardest-to-find items will be there,” said Cliff Sharples, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Fexy. “These are stressful times, and we know the daily routines of our customers are significantly altered. The team at Relish is committed to providing solutions to some of the most frustrating grocery related challenges – from figuring out what’s for dinner tonight to finding TP – we’ve got you covered.”

Relish plans to continue adding additional grocery items and grocery stores to the site in the coming weeks. There is also a module on the site where shoppers can submit suggestions for household staples they are trying to find, so the Relish team can prioritize adding the most needed items. 

The Relish online grocery shopping experience allows for customers to find and save recipes on or sister sites Simply Recipes and Serious Eats as well as 20+ other trusted recipe websites including popular blogs like SkinnyTaste, Two Peas and Their Pod, Recipe Girl and more. With one click, the recipe ingredients can be added to a customizable shopping list which can then be easily passed through to the online shopping cart at one of many participating grocery partners like Walmart, Safeway-Albertsons, Instacart, Amazon, Target, Shipt, or Kroger for delivery or pickup – offering all the convenience of meal kits with more flexibility and less cost.

While online grocery ordering is a challenge for the foreseeable future as stores work to keep up with the new shopping habits – Relish Stock Checker can ease the uncertainty for millions looking for the best place to pick up the things they need most. For more information or to try out Relish Stock Checker, visit

*Adobe Analytics study featured in USA Today on March 31, 2020

**Research conducted by Relish via a survey of more than 1,100 people within the general population, and audiences on Simply Recipes and Serious Eats from March 6 – March 8, and then again with the same sample size March 24 – March 26. Please reach out for additional report details.

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Fexy was founded in Seattle Washington in 2014 by tech veterans Lisa and Cliff Sharples and investment professional, Ben Sternberg. Fexy is ranked 5th in Comscore’s Food Publisher Ranking and growing 44% year over year. Fexy’s properties enjoy more than 32 million monthly visits across a portfolio that includes 5 recipe and food culture sites. Fexy’s two largest owned and operated food sites, Simply Recipes and Serious Eats, are the top two food websites in Comscore for millennials. The Relish Network and web tool reaches more than 100 million monthly users. Fexy is backed by Tritium Partners in Austin, TX. For additional information on Fexy, visit:

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